In this election you have two very distinct choices: Forward progress to an even brighter future OR a return to economic stagnation and endless bureaucracy.  

A vote for me is a vote for thoughtful progress. 

A vote for me is a vote for transparent government. 

A vote for me is a vote to diversify our revenue. 



 As your City Councilmember, I promise to protect and enhance our extraordinary quality of life. My top priority is to assure that the State makes timely improvements to the SR18/I90 interchange and that future development does not make this situation worse. I will also ensure that the inevitable growth that does come is an enhancement to our great community.  


Since I moved here in 2005, the community has almost doubled in size. Our existing community center operated by the YMCA is bursting at the seams. The community center is one of our greatest community assets and it is time to expand it and add a much needed, much anticipated and widely supported swimming pool.  I believe we can get this done without raising your taxes. 


 Snoqualmie Ridge saved Snoqualmie from bankruptcy and dissolution. However, a prior administration compromised the original plan by changing retail zoned space to residential. This created an imbalance in revenue that is too dependent on property taxes. As your Councilmember, I support responsible development opportunities that create local services and jobs and that ease the tax burden placed on our citizens. 


 Since taking office in April 2017, I have consistently fought to make city government more transparent. I led the effort to implement live broadcasts of city council meetings and led the way in creating an unprecedented number of public hearings for the rejected Snoqualmie Hills development that went well beyond what was required by law. More recently, I have led the charge to provide quarterly Town Hall meetings. I work for the voters of Snoqualmie and I am committed to making city government transparent and accountable.